Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health risks of drinking tang?

Does drinking Tang or other powdered drinks pose any threat to health?
why take powdered drinks when juice shops are there everywhere in India and most kitchens have juicers.
astronauts drank tang in outer space, so i am thinking it is safe. unless they have found something out. tang has vitamin c added to it.
Tang is good... A growing boy should get lots of tang... hell, men should get lots of tang too.
No health risk really, but it does contain sugar..brush your teeth or it might give you cavities.
well i cant drink tang ,it gives me , sore throat ....
i dont think is there any thing serious
you can drink tang as long as you count your calories and watch your waistline.
u will tend to put on weight if you drink too much of tang.
Tanng, like most powdered drinks has little if any nutritional value and the refined sugar can shut down your kidneys, cause nervous system diseases and even lead to Diabetes.
Real juices on the other hand, have natural fructose in them and are very good for you!
cancer is serious, don't think is isn't. 6 weeks ago from Tuesday my best friend died from cancer. He was 18.
Has allot of sugar, you dentist will really be happy. It can also make you hyper..
Tang being a processed orange drink does not give much to your health. Infact any thing that is processed is not good for the body. Go for frah oranges, kinoo, Lime etc

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